For this first French Boss produced both in video (Facebook, YouTube) and in audio, François Huré, 35, co-founder in 2015 of CapM, a strategic and financial consulting firm in mergers and acquisitions, welcomes us to his offices in New -York.

François’ start to his career, which could not be more promising, is based on a constant concern to internationalize his consulting services. It is for this reason that he settled in Manhattan, after completing his studies in the United States. Meeting with a man who has neither model nor idol, who constantly adapts his advice according to the personality to whom he addresses it, and who – according to him is the main recipe for success – believes more than anything to the values ​​of the collective.

Also to listen in podcast:

Listen to “François Huré, founder of CapM. No. 27 ”on Spreaker.


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