County Police Departments are seeing a significant decrease in violent crime and property theft

Even crime is quarantined in Los Angeles

Evidence of a violent crime committed in the city of Los Angeles.

Aurelia Ventura / Impremidia / La Opinion

Alex Villanueva, the Los Angeles County SheriffHe said Wednesday afternoon that the number of arrests has dropped significantly in recent days. "People are at home and businesses are closed, so shoplifting or conflict between people has decreased. People are not on the streets"

The sheriff said the crime pattern is changing and that they are currently concerned for how to face other challenges like domestic violence, "we are working with communities to encourage people who are at home, without a place to go, to call us or use electronic media"

"Yesterday (Tuesday) we conducted a review of the average violent crime committed and we see a decrease of 10%. The overall crime rate in the county is down 6%Villanueva stated in his statements.


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