The news came in a late tweet Monday evening. And as often, she asks more questions than she answers. What does "suspend immigration" mean and what would be the legal justification for doing so?

In light of the attack on the invisible enemy, and the need to protect the jobs of fantastic American citizens, I will sign a decree to temporarily suspend immigration to the United States”Wrote the president

The announcement is surprising in the first place because it completely contradicts the reassuring messages about the pandemic that Donald Trump has been broadcasting in recent days, to support the recovery of the economy. At the last of his long daily press conferences on Monday evening, he made no mention of immigration or the need to close borders that are already largely closed.

Above all, his tweet leaves the mystery hovering over the concrete meaning of this upcoming decree. Will it be a question of simply suspending entry to the territory (which is already the case for anyone coming from Europe), or going further by ceasing to issue green cards and work visas?


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