Despite her advanced age, the social leader remains active in the fight against inequality

Dolores Huerta turns 90 and celebrates it by raising funds to support those affected by the coronavirus

The activist Dolores Huerta in a protest. File photo.

Alejandro Cano. / The opinion

It's birthday today the emblematic leader and social activist Dolores Huerta and his foundation celebrates it with a fundraising campaign to support those affected by the coronavirus.

With the campaign # 90por90 seeking to raise funds for mitigate the impact of the pandemic in the regions of California where "communities with less political influence, low income, immigrants and rural workers are disproportionately affected"According to a statement from lto Dolores Huerta Foundation.

For the celebration it will also be done a live broadcast on May 16.

The renowned actress Jane Fonda will participate in the special broadcast. "For more decades than many people have lived, Dolores Huerta has worked to ensure that the people who plant and harvest our food – and their families – are respected and protected, and receive a living wage.", he claimed Inn in the same statement.

Dolores Huerta sent a message to the community. "It is a great honor to be honored for my 90th birthday. I want to thank everyone who will be celebrating with me today and May 16 and ask them to continue working for justice and equality."He expressed.

The activist, who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012, recalled the importance of participating in the 2020 Census, in democratic processes and supporting the most needy community.


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