‘Coco’ will have a presence in the Disneyland parade: it will be the first Hispanic float

The famous amusement park also announced the price increase.

ROBYN BECK / AFP / Getty Images

LOS ANGELES.- The famous park Disneyland, in California, will have for first time a totally latin float, inspired by the movie "Coco", park officials announced Tuesday. The same day it was announced that entrance prices will increase up to overtake the $ 200 dollars per ticket.

As part of show which organizes the park of attractions, located in Anaheimsouth of The Angels, officials have decided to include a carrujare with all the motives of the animated film “Coconut“, And will be part of the new parade "Magic Happens”, Which will be released on February 28.

“We are looking for a way to include all the elements of the story in this‘ Coco ’float that is part of a Disney parade for the first time,” Jordan Peterson, director of the “Magic Happens” show, told Efe.

The float, one of the nine that make up the parade, presents in person a Miguel, the child Mexican protagonist of "Coco" celebrating the "magic that happens when he grabs the guitar of Ernesto de la Cruz in the film of Disney and Pixar"

On the other hand, park officials announced the price increase for park entrance tickets. Specifically, Disney now offers five types of prices, starting with the single-day, which allows you to visit Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park, it will cost between $ 159 Y $ 209 dollars.

The highest prices, of weekends Y high season, which allow entry of 2 to 5 days, now vary from $ 290 to $ 415 dollars.

Disney said the goal of the new pricing system it is preserve the infrastructure of the facilities and promote the distribution of the visit of people throughout the year, instead of focusing on the holiday seasons.

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