Red, purple, orange, we get lost in the rainbow that codifies the reopening of California. Announced last August 28 by Gavin Newsom, the governor of the State of California, it replaces the four-phase plan applied until then. Colors are assigned based on the number of new cases per 100,000 population, and the percentage of positive tests, and represent the risk posed by the virus, from minimal to extensive.

These new colors determine which stores can open, and under what conditions. To make matters worse, the colors vary from county to county. To date, in the Bay Area, only Napa, San Francisco, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties are in red zone (substantial risk), while all other counties remain in purple (extended risk).

For counties in the red zone, in addition to already open stores, the following low-risk indoor and outdoor activities can resume as of September 14:

– hairdressers, barbers, nail salons, massage services, tattoos and piercing, indoors and in limited capacity.

– gyms and individual training sessions, indoors and in limited capacity.

– hotels and other resort rentals.

– Places of worship: one person at a time inside, for an individual prayer; up to 50 people outside.

– Tourist buses and tourist cruises, in limited capacity.

– Open-air cinemas, in limited capacity.

– Mini golf, karting circuits, in limited capacity.

On September 21, these authorizations will extend to

– museums, zoos and aquariums, in limited capacity, on condition of having submitted a health plan in advance. The De Young Museum has already announced its reopening on September 25, while the Legion of Honor Museum is expected to reopen in mid-October.

– primary schools (K-6th), which will again be able to welcome pupils in person, provided that a health plan has been submitted in advance.

To find information specific to each county, consult the official website.


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