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[Article partenaire] JustInvestNow helps Francophones obtain a 10 to 15% return by owning a home in the United States. Initially focused on the city of Detroit, they are now also helping them access the real estate market in Cleveland, a promising city which is attracting more and more investors, especially French ones.

Why invest in Cleveland?

Following the success we are experiencing in Detroit, our CEO Justin Fontenelle and his partner Rich Salem have been preparing for a few months a project so that JustInvestNow can diversify and offer a new market to its investors; Cleveland, located just a 2 hour 40 minute drive from Detroit. With this somewhat special start to the year, they were able to take the time to analyze this new market in depth.

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So why did they choose this city? Firstly, because it is a market which offers enormous potential and which is very similar to that of Detroit, it is different and at the same time very close, the idea is to offer a diversification of real estate assets to our investors.

And secondly, because we wanted to stay close to our head office to better control this market, we already have an office that represents us on site, it is the same rental management currently in place in Detroit.

In addition, our teams are sent to Cleveland every week to follow up on renovations and procedures. What is important is the way we operate for this market, and it’s very simple, our action plan is exactly the same as in Detroit.

So all the infrastructures we offer are unchanged; administrative procedures, creation of an LLC company, opening of a bank account, support from A to Z, rental management, 100% French-speaking monitoring, our offices and an on-site team, unrivaled quality of renovation, etc. The idea was to ‘have the exact copy of JustInvestNow Detroit but in Cleveland.

What types of products do we offer?

The price range for our homes is between $ 55,000 and $ 95,000, depending on the product. We offer 2 to 5 bedroom single family (one unit) or multi-family (several units, usually two) houses and high rental yield buildings. The returns are 10 to 15% of the year. We offer quality renovations with the same standards as currently in Detroit, (color of paints, floors, granite kitchen, replacement as needed of boilers and water heaters, plumbing, roof electricity, windows …). Our Detroit contractors are doing the renovations in Cleveland.

Who are these investments made for?

For all those who want to invest in real estate, with different budgets, while benefiting from a high return. The administrative procedures being faster in the USA, you can be 100% owner in 1 month of time and thus benefit, after this month, from your first rents.

We are here to simplify foreign investment for all customers, seasoned or novices, who wish to embark on the adventure. We support them from A to Z, from purchase to resale, including rental management. The goal is that the customer does not have to come in person or worry about their rentals in Cleveland and / or Detroit. Each investor has personalized access to an online portal including all information and documents relating to his property so that it is as transparent and simple as possible from home. We are more than excited to be able to offer you a new market for years to come.

In the United States, and especially in Cleveland, the rental yield is 2 to 3 times higher
than in Europe. As you are taxed in the United States and not in your country of
residence, thanks to the double taxation convention, your investment is much more profitable, while offering strong security guarantees. ”
Justin Fontenelle, CEO JustinvestNow

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