During the ceremony, justice was requested and it was indicated that at least 10 communicators have been killed in Mexico so far in 2019

A group of reporters in Tijuana, recalled this Saturday the 10 communicators killed so far in 2019 in Mexico during a ceremony during the International Day to End the Impunity of Crimes Against Journalists, according to Unesco, which coincides with the Day of the Dead.

Vicente Calderón, editor of TijuanaPress.com and who traditionally leads the act by journalists on November 2, said that this occasion the ceremony greeted an international meeting that Unesco will hold in the Mexican capital on November 7 precisely to analyze impunity of crimes against journalists.

Mexico is considered this year one of the most dangerous countries to practice journalism, according to a classification by the Committee for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ).

This week the CPJ itself found that Mexico ranks second at the international level – the first is the Philippines – in impunity in crimes against communicators, including homicide.

Calderón presented Unesco figures that indicate that in Mexico, almost nine out of 10 cases of crimes against journalists go unpunished.

The group in Tijuana lamented mainly the murders of journalists due to the exercise of their profession.

“Many of these crimes remain unsolved and those responsible for the deaths of these murders enjoy impunity; the authorities have not done their job of punishing those who attack them, ”said Calderón.

The killings of communicators "are a tragedy that adds to others because of insecurity in our country, however, what we have to remember in this case is that when a journalist is assaulted, when a reporter is killed, the the right of society to be informed and freedom of expression is also affected ”.

After reading the names of the 10 journalists, reporters and broadcasters who have been killed so far this year, some communicators placed some of their work tools, such as photographic and video cameras, notebooks and pens before a dead altar , so that dead journalists have the instruments they liked again.

The memory of the fallen journalists in Mexico and commemoration of Unesco's day against violence and impunity against journalists concluded with a moment of silence in his memory.

At the November 7 meeting in Mexico City, Unesco will use funds from Canada and England to fight impunity in attacks on

For information on the November 7 event visit the web portal: bit.ly/34qpaxg


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