Initiative seeks to offer free housing for 1,000 county frontline workers

Airbnb to host Los Angeles health specialists for free

A health specialist performs a fully protected routine checkup.

Misha Friedman / Getty Images

The Los Angeles County Supervisor, Kathryn Bargerannounced the city and county alliance with the shared lodging company Airbnb.

"County and city of Los Angeles are partnering with Airbnb to provide free stays to 1,000 front-line health workers", he claimed Barger during their statements.

The supervisor referred to the great effort made by health specialists who fight the virus on the front line. "They are putting their lives at risk and also suffering from stress by exposing their families to a potential contagion when they return home after a long day.", he claimed.

The community can support the initiative by donations to cover expenses or completed an Airbnb security process to accommodate nurses, doctors, and other health specialists.

"You can make your space available to professionals verified by Airbnb or by one of our partner organizations”, Announces the company's website for the program.

Partner organizations include the International Rescue Committee, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and International Medical Corps.


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