Christophe (modified first name) knows how to receive: he has a smile… and hydro-alcoholic gel! This New York Frenchman was fed up with “Zoom aperitifs”. In May, he decided to receive a few friends in his living room. The idea aroused the enthusiasm of his group of five friends, but soon he wondered if he had made the right choice. After all, the Covid-19 still kills in New York. “I was especially afraid of asymptomatic people, who do not know that they are carriers of the disease, he admits. I decided to tell everyone that you should wear masks indoors at all times and put gel on your hands when you get there. It was a little weird at first, but everything went well ”.

At Covid's day, something as mundane as meeting friends is asking new questions. Is it a good idea to meet up now? Should we aim for a rooftop or a park? Is it better to bring cutlery or a glass to limit the risk of transmission? Advice is flourishing on the web. The Today Show site even shared best practices for using the toilet, a key point.

Chrystelle Grandot has decided to systematically find her friends in New York parks. Everyone brings their cutlery and dishes. Apart from the good times, they don't share anything, chips and olives included. “My friends were not comfortable with the idea of ​​being in a backyard or on a rooftop or in a closed place. We talked openly about our fears and we thought that the parks were the best option, even if there are a lot of people“. In New York, the only "non-essential" gatherings of less than 10 people are allowed, according to a decree signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo just before Memorial Day.

After having followed the aperitifs on Zoom and House Party for two months, Lola, a Frenchwoman from Los Angeles, is happy to see her friends again. Especially since she wanted to celebrate her birthday and her move to a new apartment in West Hollywood (Los Angeles). So, the thirty-something took over the aperitifs, but “In small groups, no more than three people to be able to respect social distancing”. New habits are taking place. In particular, she prepares small bowls where she distributes food: each guest has their own container of olives, crisps or cherry tomatoes. Another rule: "I leave the hydro-alcoholic gel on the table."

"I invite only people whose background I know, who have respected the confinement", she admits. On the other hand, the mask is the great absent from the reunion. "You can't wear it when you smoke and drink. You just have to respect the 6 feet. ” Optimistic, she finds that “Even after a few drinks, people hold on.”

Grégory organized a dinner at his home with a few friends. Very quickly, the masks fell and their guard was lowered. “Unable to physically distance in the apartmenthe says. We just put our names on glasses to avoid mixing everything up“. For this Brooklyn Frenchman, zero risk does not exist. “You can't stop living“.

Sandra Cazenave (Los Angeles), Alexis Buisson (New York)


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