The city and unincorporated area of ​​Los Angeles County established a new minimum hourly rate beginning July 1.

A new minimum wage went into effect in Los Angeles and we tell you how to report a breach

Regardless of their condition, workers have the right to demand the established payment.

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From the July 1, 2020 all Los Angeles County business owners they should Increase your hourly wages of your employees to new lows established according to their number of workers.

The ordinance effective in the county since 2016, establishes that the employees of a business that with less than 25 employees must earn minimum $ 14.25 dollars per hour.

In the case of companies that have more than 26 workers, the minimum worker payment must be $ 15 an hour.

Since its implementation in 2016, the county minimum wage has gone from $ 10.50 an hour to $ 14.25.

How to assert your rights?

The California Labor Commissioner, Lilia García-Browerassured that it is the increase is a right of all workers regardless of their immigration status and that they must demand it without fear of retaliation, since these are illegal.

Retaliation against a worker can manifest itself in reduction of hours, dismissals, discrimination, threats, shift changes or long working hours and can be reported by calling 844 522 6734.

The stable ordinance that as a worker you have the right to file a complaint with the Labor Commission for violations of the minimum wage payment. And also has the right to sue any employer that violates the provisions of the ordinance.

However, the department advises that before filing a complaint of noncompliance, talk to your employer about the issue and then, document and send in writing to your boss or employer what you discussed and the response you got from them.

To have a text or email message to your boss with a summary of the discussion, it is a sustainable evidence to demonstrate that he suffered retaliation by demanding your rights.

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