Young Colombian creates a mobile bookstore in LA to bring Latin American and bilingual literature to adults and children

There is nothing better than enjoying a good book and that based on its stories, it makes us travel to different times and places allowing us to fly the imagination.

And although it is sometimes difficult to find nearby bookstores – since many have closed their doors – new trends are already appearing where “the book reaches your community”.

With this vision in mind, the writer and founder of Alegría Magazine, Davina Ferreira, created the mobile library / bookstore "Alegría Mobile Bookstore", which visits different areas of Los Angeles to bring the best of Latin American and bilingual literature.

Ferreira, of Colombian origin, said that in his teenage years literature helped him greatly to face life.

“In moments of confusion when everything was a little difficult in my country, I immersed myself in the books,” said the young woman, who became passionate about great authors such as Gabriel García Márquez, José Luis Borges and poets like Alejandra Pizarnik.

“Now with more years, I feel the gift that this was and I realized that here in Los Angeles maybe we are not
exposed so much to the beauty of Latin American literature, ”said Ferreira.

The decoration of the mobile bookstore is colorful so that it also reaches social networks. / photos: Aurelia Ventura.

This Tuesday, the mobile bookstore had the opportunity to appear at the Los Angeles Southwest Community College in the southeast of the city.

Ferreira, who participated in a panel for campus students, was able to publicize this new version of reading to young people.

"We must learn to value that our stories have meaning and are worthwhile," said the writer.

"So I wanted to highlight and give the community the gift of enjoying classics and why not? Support local authors, independent, of color and different nationalities of Latin America."

Many can see Alegría Mobile Bookstore as a literary version of the popular food trucks aimed at millennials. And yesterday the image was no exception since the traveling bookstore was located adjacent to a popular food truck.

Reading and technology

Ferreira said that when he created the mobile bookstore, he decided to link literature with technology. Inside the colorful truck has a decoration worthy of appearing on any Instagram account or other social media.

"I wanted it to be a digital experience where people feel connected through their phones to promote reading and literature," he said.

"Inside the van there is always a different decoration and when children come they don't want to get out of there."

However, it is the same technology that brings back the curious to learn more about books.

“Everyone who lives in this world so fast and on our phones we need a face-to-face connection. Here the most beautiful are the conversations that are created and the people who begin to know each other through a book, ”said Ferreira.

“We also listen when parents tell their children where they know a certain book. So it is to create experiences and tell stories that are close to our hearts. In this bookstore, the people here have cried and laughed and it's very pretty. ”

In Alegría Mobile Bookstore, people can easily access a special edition book like Sister Juana Inés de la Cruz written in 1972; as well as a more recent one such as Corazón, a book of poetry by Salvadoran writer Yessica Salgado and Be Bold, Be Brave; 11 Latinas Who Made History — a bilingual motivational book for children written by Naibe Reynoso.

Davina Ferreira (d) is the founder of Alegría Magazine. / photo: Aurelia Ventura.

Ferreira said the mobility of his bookstore allows him to reach more people as he can reach neighborhoods, community fairs and any other local event.

"Now we give the opportunity for parents to share culture and reading with their children," he said.

"Especially with bicultural or bilingual parents who want their children to learn Spanish."

Ferreira said that this is a good method of including parents to start instilling a passion for reading towards their children since sometimes it is the same parents who are not fans of the books.

“There are some parents who get super happy and tell me:‘ If my son asks me for a book I buy it, ’but there are also parents who prefer to give them other things,” said the young woman.

"Then it is also about educating parents about the value of having a book because it is something that will mark the minds and future of their children."

Ferreira said that the mobile bookstore has also had the participation of Latin authors who make autograph signatures when they launch a new book.

To know what will be the next stops of the Alegría Mobile Bookstore visit their Instagram account at @Alegriamagazine


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