The Department of Recreation and Parks ordered the closure for the entire weekend until conditions improve

Because fires near Los Angeles County like the Bobcat Fire which started in the Azusa area and El Dorado Fire, which have burned thousands of acres and damaged air quality, authorities are taking steps to protect residents.

One of them is the closure of various county parks due to poor air quality and the effects this could have on vulnerable people.

The Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation issued an order Thursday to close these parks for the entire weekend. The parks are:

  • Eaton Canyon Natural Area
  • Devil’s Punchbowl Natural Area
  • Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park
  • Lario Staging Area
  • Marshall Canyon Regional Park and Nursery
  • Peck Road Water Conservation Park
  • San Dimas Canyon Natural Area
  • Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area

Similarly, the Department of Public Health issued an alert for air pollution in various areas of the county that is in effect until this Friday.

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