Together with his girlfriend, the young man killed one person and tried to kill 12 more, in different areas of Los Angeles

A gangster He was sentenced this Monday to spend 373 years in prison by kill a man and try to kill 12 other people in an incident in 2017 in Whittier, The look, Rivera Peak and other areas of The Angels

Alejandro Lazo, 23, was sentenced for the murder of Jose Ricardo Sahagun, 44, who was in his vehicle, waiting for the traffic light to change. After deliberating six days, the jury also found him guilty of carjacking.

Lazo and his girlfriend, Reyna Gomez, 29, were identified as gang members and arrested for the shootings they carried out in april 2017. According to the authorities, the couple fired at least 12 people in turns, although Lazo's defense lawyer said they intentionally failed those shots. Gomez was sentenced in October 2018 over 350 years in prison.

On April 29, 2017, Gomez and Lazo stole a car in Pico Rivera, shot and wounded a man in an alley in Whittier, then fired at two vehicles, of which one person was injured. They also suffered injuries from the incident. In another shooting of the same day, in the area of ​​La Mirada, it was that Sahagun was fatally shot, and a man was injured.

Gomez and Lazo used the same gun, which were exchanged in turns throughout the incidents. The reason for the shootings has not been determined.

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