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Tensions, cramps, feelings of suffocation or going in circles, quarantine puts the nerves to the test. And for good reason, getting stuck at home 24 hours a day, whether alone, as a couple, with your family or in a shared flat, in a small or a large space, telecommuting or not, is difficult. Here are some ideas for preserving your mental health (and that of others) in these closed times.

1. We organize

Distance work, home school, meals, housework, activities, impossible to manage everything together without a minimum of planning. A stage sometimes feared but which makes it possible to determine the rhythms and a reassuring framework. It's about redefining your priorities, sharing tasks, making useful lists (shopping, administrative requirements, unmissable long-distance meetings, etc.). The objective: to agree schedules and rules of life. The basis for living together without hating each other.

2. We (re) think our cocoon

Quarantine will last for long weeks and feeling serene in its environment becomes essential. Some examples to achieve this: throw away things that have been lying around for months, sort to free up space, hang a table or photos, move the furniture, clean up, arrange your personal space (as small as it is), order online decoration and linens.

3. We respect everyone's privacy

When several people live under the same roof, it is essential to have moments of solitude. And it doesn't matter what you put in it as long as the break relieves, entertains, repairs or re-energizes. In the same way, a couple must be able to allow themselves moments in duet without being invaded by their offspring. So we explain its limits well and we don't wait to explode to put into practice the instant-solo or duet …

4. We cultivate benevolent communication

Confinement pushes emotions to their limits. The keys to soothing relationships: accepting that everyone has different moods, listening to each other attentively and expressing what we have on our hearts with sincerity. Use the " I "When we speak, we can also avoid some pecking. " I am anxious about this bazaar Will always sound better than "Do ***, you are really messy "

5. We're going out… well, almost!

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a garden or a balcony to slip outdoor slices into their daily lives. However, online solutions exist: visits to museums and virtual exhibitions, webcams in aquariums or zoos, exploration of the surrounding streets (for those who can while respecting safety distances), concerts (many artists organize shows), opera, theater…

6. We invite calm

Loss of income, multiplied screen time, various e-solicitations, double days … situations that generate stress and anxiety. To fight against these feelings, we start by putting things into perspective: almost the entire world population shares unprecedented and similar difficulties. It takes time to adapt to new codes. Then, we remain indulgent towards ourselves: we do as we can. Finally, practicing meditation, breathing, sophrology, yoga or laughter brings relaxation and relaxation.

7. We get active

Physical activity is good for the body as well as the head. Many courses are now available online. See what you can put into your schedule, live or off-beat.

8. We take care of ourselves

No way to let go. The pajama-jogging combo has damaging effects on self-image. Dressing also helps to keep certain points of reference. And why not a manicure or a brushing? Even if taming her hair without her adored hairdresser seems complicated. It's also an opportunity to change your beauty routine and pamper yourself.

9. We create

Coloring, cooking, painting, singing, playing an instrument, writing, dancing, filming, gardening … Creativity offers a powerful remedy against feelings of confinement and depression. For those who have the time, TEDx, podcasts or online courses are smart.

10. We socialize

Toast online does not have the same flavor, but allows you to stay connected with your loved ones and not to isolate yourself. Aperitifs and parties from a distance flourish on the canvas, like gatherings between neighbors, from porches to porches, from window to window. What flourish in quarantine mode anyway!


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